*At Lamara we use oat milk for most of our drinks. Please ask your barista for other choices available.



All the coffee roasters we partner with focus on direct trade with farmers, sustainability, as well as working towards zero waste by using compostable bags.

We feature New Orleans roasters HEY Coffee and Wisconsin’s Ruby. We compost all our grinds with Schmelly’s Dirt Farm.


not coffee

We carry Palais Des Thes organic teas from France and Kilogram Organic Teas from Chicago



 Choose from our favorites and customize them with any of our superfood boosters. Try your smoothie ‘low glycemic ‘ and we will swap bananas for riced cauliflower and keep out any added sugars. We use Epic Protein Sprouted Organic Plant Powder at Lamara. At least 12 grams of protein in each smoothie.