Real food

made well



Lamara Coffee & Kitchen is locally owned and operated by Misha Kachkachishvili and Diane Heying. Located next door to their adjacent property and existing business, Esplanade Studios, the café is an extension of the sound recording facility.


Lamara was developed to meet the needs of Esplanade Studios’ clients and crews who work long hours and are constantly in search of food and drink that is healthy and appealing.  Expanding on that idea grew the desire to offer a café to meet the wants of the neighborhood.  The concept is simple: REAL FOOD MADE WELL. Make great food from the best ingredients to create a conversation about what healthy cuisine can be.  

THE space

A renovated raised basement house built in the 1920’s, has been fully modernized into a street level café with an enclosed back patio for outdoor seating, an exposed garden area with lounge chairs for those who want to catch some sun, as well as street access outdoor seating for people watching.

THE menu

With an ever-evolving understanding of nutrition and wellness is the quest to be more inspiring with foods and drinks and their ingredients.  Lamara is plant based, high vibrational and all organic. Think Rainbow! No refined grains, oils or sugars as well as the emphasis on being minimally processed to maximize the nutrition and taste. Food at Lamara is full of color and flavor. DECEPTIVELY ORDINARY in description, using only use the best quality food sources, high in good proteins, fats and carbohydrates that not only taste superior but also are superior for your health. Eating healthy does not need to be boring.  FEEL WELL, BE WELL, DO WELL

Featuring a West Coast inspired menu made up of healthy vegetarian small plates, a full superfood smoothie bar and gluten free house made baked goods all made from scratch in the kitchen, while the coffee bar serves up espresso drinks, loose leaf teas and tonics served in hand made ceramics from CA.